SP3 Elite

SP3 Elite

SP3 Elite

Thanks to its particularly high elongation properties when wrapping the product, there is a considerable saving, maintaining an even and elastic force all over the wrapped item plus a high resistance to perforation. Extra thin film designed to lower costs, minimize labor and waste. This film is manufactured with a multi-layer advanced technology to answer the future needs of packaging

Main features

• Layers: Up to 5-7 layers cast stretch film

• Thickness: 12-15 μm (Gauge 47 to 59)

• Weight: 20kg, 16kg

• Color: clear, blue, white, green.

• UV protection: Optional

• Widths: 30cm-50cm (12” to 20”) other width upon request.

• Core diameter: upon request

• Elongation at break: 230% up to 275%

ThicknessWeight Color UV Core Widths Elongation 
 12-15 μm  16, 20 kg

clear, blue,

black, white,

 Optional  Upon request  Upon request  230% up to 275%
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