Sapir is dedicated not only to the quality of our products but also to the health of its employees and the environment. We believe that industry should be part of the environment and keep high standards of sustainability and hygiene measurements. Our wrapping solutions and films are produced of eco-friendly materials and are all recyclable.

We take great pride in our special ECO stretch line – ECO stretch and ECO food, both designed with advanced multi-layer technology designed to lower costs, labor and waste.  Especially designed for wrapping food, ECO Food and is made of non-toxic Polyolefin.   Being extra low-thickness film it also reduces the quantity of waist without damaging its qualities and strength. 

We set an example

Being an industrial leader in our field comes with extra responsibility as in our conduct we aspire to set an example for other industries and prove that industrial factories can be clean, green and sustainable. In our offices and factory we utilize recycling bins for all non-plastic materials such as paper, wood, glass etc.